Garden Houses Seestadt

Kleingartenhäuser Seestadt EN

Location: Kleingartenverein Seestadt,Karl-Beckg., 1210 Vienna, Austria
Client: Familie Krejc
Period: 11/2011 – 03/2013
Services Atelier Grell: Design and construction supervising

The two so called “garden houses” were built close to the new Aspern Seestadt and stand on two plots of land in direct dialogue. In a mirror image and with different building and room heights they represent two different units in the same linguistic fields. Flat roof windows, skylights and walk-in terrace elongated windows bring natural light into the generous living atrium and into the rooms in the basement. The pool takes on the geometry of the building and extends the terraces in the garden. A sustainable energy strategy, in which the geothermal energy is coupled with photovoltaic, allows 90% of energy used to cover. All kitchen and plumbing connections including pool are fed by the house well.